Welcome to Seeds of Faith

It is with much excitement that my family and I welcome  you to Seeds of Faith Evangelistic Ministries.  We pray that you experience the warmth, anointing and glory of Christ that will cause your life to change forever.

Seeds of Faith Ministries is God-Ordained, Christ-Centered, Bible-Based and Family-Oriented. We owe it to God, as well as to our communities, to never give up on keeping the family unit in tact. Our belief is that if we cultivate the natural family, the spiritual family will likewise prosper. We are certain that our responsibilities as husbands and wives, as well as our parental roles, are meticulously outlined in the Word of God. 

God has ordained  me to oversee an awesome segment of kingdom building. Here at Seeds of Faith, we grow and develop together through nearly twenty specialized ministries that each play a role in our lives.  As the vision for this ministry continues to be manifested, we solicit your continued prayers.

If you have any questions please call us at 404-344-3985 or email us at info@seedsoffaith.org and one of our ministry leaders will be glad to assist you in any way we can. 

In his service,

Pastor Kimbrough