David L. Kimbrough, Senior Pastor and Headmaster

work: 404-344-3985
Email: pastork@seedsoffaith.org
David Kimbrough is a self-proclaimed Faith Specialist. He has learned through total dependence on Jehovah Jireh to walk by “faith” and not by “sight.” He currently serves the congregation of Seeds of Faith Ministries (SOFM) and the families of Seeds of Faith Christian Academy (SOFCA) in his roles as Senior Pastor and Headmaster, respectively. While he has many great achievements accredited to his name, his most treasured successes are Husband to his adorable wife Wanda and Dad to their two handsome sons, David II and DeJhard.

In his role as Senior Pastor, Pastor K serves his congregation and the community untiringly with a Heart of Compassion that resembles the deeds of Jesus, who graciously allowed His Divine Agenda to be interrupted by those who were lame, sick, bereaved, or simply curious about who He was. Likewise, with the many tasks that God has placed on Pastor Kimbrough’s agenda, he still insists on remaining “accessible” to those he serves. His desire to see marriages healed and families whole keep him focused and motivated.

He acknowledged his calling into the ministry in June 1995 and accepted a call to Pastor in December 1998. While David never imagined himself in the role of Pastor, the insight and training to be a Godly leader had been at work in his life, since he was a very young boy.

The manner in which Pastor Kimbrough serves his family is proof that God rewards the faithful. Considering the fact that PK grew up without the guidance of a strong fatherly figure, due to his dad’s mental illness, all the credit belongs to God for how His Word teaches and blesses Pastor K to rule his home in a manner, wherein he is highly respected by his wife and sons. He is their hero and this type of love and admiration can only be earned. In Pastor K’s words, “Wanda, DJ, and DeJhard are my credentials to lead others.”

As Senior Pastor of Seeds of Faith Evangelistic Ministries, he recognizes the need for continued personal growth, especially for those in leadership. He continues to model one of his favorite leadership sayings from best-selling author and trainer, John Maxwell “…everything rises and falls on leadership.” SOFM has evolved into a training ground for the generals in God’s army of tomorrow. His leaders continue to grow because he continues to grow.

Pastor Kimbrough resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  He enjoys studying the Word of God, spending quality time with his wife, being a Christ-like role model to his sons, and traveling.