“Pursuing Virtue and Fufilling Our God-Ordained Purpose”

Mission or Purpose

The mission [or purpose] the Women of Faith Ministry (WOF) is to promote the spiritual growth and maturity in women by embodying the virtues inspired by God in the Proverbs 31, reflecting Christ-likeness in all aspects of our lives, and impacting the lives of others with the love of Christ.

We activate our mission [or purpose] by educating, empowering, and equipping women to develop and exhibit Christ-like character and virtuous lives through study and training in the Word of God, accountability, mentoring, sisterhood, community service, and enrichment activities.

Pillars of the WOF Ministry

Our model is for the Women of Faith Ministry is the Proverbs 31 Woman. Accordingly, the WOF Ministry rests upon the following seven pillows:

Pillar #1
Reverence for God and acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior over our lives

Pillar #2
Honor for and enrichment of the life of our husbands

Pillar #3
Nurturance of our children and belief in motherhood as a high calling with the responsibility of shaping and molding their lives

Pillar #4
Disciplined and industrious keepers of our homes

Pillar #5
Faithful stewardship of the time and resources to which God has entrusted us

Pillar #6
Wisdom and faithful instruction as encouragers of others and promoters of Godly relationships and friendships

Pillar #7
Sharing the love of Christ through community service and outreach

Components of the WOF Ministry

Following is a delineation of the components of the WOF Ministry.  These components will be modified as new needs and interests of our women emerge, but most importantly, as the Holy Spirit directs.

  • Bible Study
  • Spiritual Development
    • Inspirational Messages
    • Sermons
    • Prayer Services
    • Personal Enhancement
    • Sister-to-Sister Support
    • Community Service/Outreach
    • Recreational/Enrichment Outings
    • WOF Book Club