About the Family Pastor

Dr. Doris Weathers, Family Pastor & Director of Biblical Counseling
Dr. Doris Weathers is the Family Pastor and Director of Biblical Counseling at Seeds of Faith Ministries in Atlanta Georgia.  Dr. Weathers is a native of Lexington, Kentucky where she confessed hope in Christ at an early age and was active in programs for children and youth.  Over the years, she has been an active and engaged member of  churches in several localities and has served in a number of church ministries including Christian Education, Christian Community Development Corporation, Ushers Ministry, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Bible Studies, and Women’s Ministry. 

In 2002 after four years of study, Dr. Weathers was awarded a Diploma of Biblical Studies from the International Bible Institute-City of Hope.  Dr. Weathers is blessed to have made three pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Having come from humble beginnings, Dr. Weathers was blessed by God with an extensive education.  She received a bachelor’s degree in history and French and secondary education from the University of Kentucky, a master’s degree in counseling from Eastern Kentucky University, and a doctorate in educational policy studies and evaluation from the University of Kentucky.  She has also studied at the University of Colorado and holds a certificate from Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management. 

God also blessed Dr. Weathers with a long and successful career as educator in secondary and higher education.  She began her career as a classroom teacher in the Lexington and Fayette County School systems in Kentucky.  From secondary education, Dr. Weathers moved to higher education where she held increasingly responsible professional, administrative, and executive level positions at several institutions including the University of Colorado (Boulder, Colorado), Kentucky State University (Frankfort, Kentucky), the University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky), LeMoyne-Owen College (Memphis, Tennessee) and Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, Georgia). Currently, Dr. Weathers is President/CEO of the Atlanta Higher Education Group, which provides consultation services to colleges and universities in the areas of accreditation review, strategic planning, student development services, institutional effectiveness, and human resources administration.

Dr. Weathers has two sons, one daughter, three grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She is the oldest of nine siblings.  

Dr. Weathers believes that the experiences and opportunities she had in both the spiritual/church and secular domains were engineered by God for His divine purposes and that they are consecrated to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Ministry to which she was called and to her Kingdom assignments as Family Pastor and Director of Biblical Counseling at Seeds of Faith Ministries.