Family Ministries

Dr. Doris Weathers

Family Pastor & Director of Biblical Counseling
Dr. Doris Weathers is the Family Pastor and Director of Biblical Counseling at Seeds of Faith Ministries in Atlanta Georgia. Dr. Weathers is a native of Lexington, Kentucky where she confessed hope in Christ at an early age and was active in programs for children and youth. Over the years, she has been an active and engaged member of churches in several localities and has served in a number of church ministries including Christian Education, Christian Community Development Corporation, ... more

The Family Ministries complement the mission of Seeds of Faith Ministries (SOFM) of “winning souls for Christ, one person, one family at a time.”  The Family Ministries serve the church family as a whole, individual families and individual members by developing, coordinating, and administering a comprehensive set ministries and programs that address their spiritual, emotional, developmental, and relational needs, concerns, and well-being.


The Family Ministries serve the following purposes:

Strengthen discipleship among the SOFM church family
  • Help families and individuals to grow in and sustain their walk in the Christian faith
  • Help families and individuals face challenges
  • Provide nurture and instruction for Christian living
  • Address family issues and concerns
  • Engender fellowship among the church family
  • Are the expression of a caring church family
Our Family Ministries include everyone and are organized to address the needs, interests, and concerns of the whole congregation. Family Ministries at SOFM mean that “you” could be one person, a family, or at any stage in life. All are served, honored, and loved. All are always welcomed to come and see what the Family Ministries are all about at Seeds of Faith Ministries!

Comprising Ministries

Family Ministries is the umbrella under which come several church ministries that serve the SOF church family.  Each ministry exists to complement and further the mission of Seeds of Faith Ministries and is commissioned to serve a designated segment of the SOFM church family.  Each ministry operates under its adopted mission and offers an array of activities and opportunities to the members it serves. 
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