The mission of the Intertwined Marriage Ministry is to educate, equip, and support couples in establishing and maintaining joyful, healthy, intimate, and stable marriages undergirded by the Word of God as His blue print for successful marriages and family relationships.


Intertwined Marriage Ministry at Seeds of Faith Ministries is the ministry devoted to married and engaged couples.  The purpose of the Ministry is to nurture the marriages of seasoned as well as young couples.  The Ministry addresses both the biblical teachings and principles for marriage and the practical aspects of married life.

Programs and Activities

A variety of programs, activities, and services are provided by the Ministry arrayed under three broad categories of opportunities.  This complement of opportunities will be modified as new needs and interests of our couples emerge, but most importantly, as the Holy Spirit directs.

Learning Opportunities

  • Bible Studies
  • Relevant Literature and Material
  • Workshops and Seminars
Sharing Opportunities

  • Forums
  • Fellowship and Social Events
  • Recreational Outings
  • Couples’ Retreats
Support Opportunities

  • Biblical Marriage Counseling
  • Biblical Pre-marital Counseling
  • Couple-to-Couple Support